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Vacation in the Safest Place in the World

BREAKING NEWS: Anguilla has just released new protocols that include reduced application fees and shorter stay-in-place requirements for fully-vaccinated visitors. We will be updating our website shortly.

You can read the new guidelines in Press. 

Anguilla is virtually COVID-19 free with no community spread, making it among the safest places in the world to travel to now. Tranquility Beach Resort has been awarded a Safe Environment Certificate and is actively hosting guests. Anguilla has welcomed back international travelers with new entry pre-approval, testing and vacation 'bubble' guidelines that ensure you have an amazing experience, including safe access to your favorite restaurants and island activities. Because of our beachfront location, we are one of only a handful of accommodations where in-bubble guests have expanded beach access outside of their resort. Here you can swim, play, run and walk to restaurants along a longer stretch of Meads Bay Beach in our coveted Meads Bay Bubble. Plus you are also part of Anguilla's wider activity and dining bubble. 

See What It's Like in the Bubble

Watch the video shared by our recent guest.

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You can learn about the new protocols and how to get pre-approved for entry to Anguilla below. 

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