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Why there aren't any all-inclusive hotels and resorts in Anguilla...

Because in Anguilla it's safe and easy to explore. Here you aren't constrained to eating at the same cookie-cutter restaurant each night. In Anguilla, you can vacation and eat well without borders.

Anguilla has over 100 restaurants

Anguilla is home to over 100 bespoke restaurants from roadside BBQ stands, to mom and pop cafes and bistros to 5-star fine dining. Even the most humble eateries serve up expertly cooked dishes that will please your palate. You won't find a fast food chain in Anguilla.

Anguilla's resorts, hotels and restaurants are open to everyone

Restaurants and bars, including those at luxury resorts, are open to everyone. You don't have to be staying at the resort or hotel to enjoy a meal, cocktails or live music. Anguilla encourages you to rent a car, grab a taxi, walk down the beach and taste, sample and enjoy anywhere you please. Try a different venue each day or night, or find your favorite. Our resort, Tranquility Beach Anguilla, is located on the center of Meads Bay Beach. Walk down the beach to top West End restaurants Straw Hat, Jacala, Blanchards, Savi Beach Club, as well as Malliouhana and Four Seasons resorts.

Anguilla has Caribbean and international flavors, cuisine and chefs

Anguilla has a rich history in culinary arts, with many chefs learning alongside their grandmothers and mothers. Many Anguillian chefs have worked in top kitchens around the world, returning home to combine their classical training with Anguilla's bountiful seafood and fish, and locally-grown fruit and vegetables. 

Anguilla is also home to transplanted chefs from around the world, offering menus that provide a fusion of island-inspired dishes, alongside exceptional Italian, Peruvian, Asian, French and Indian dishes that will transport you to those countries. 

Once here, you'll understand perfectly why Anguilla doesn't have any all-inclusive resorts and hotels and be glad.

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